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Terms of Services
It is important that you read the entirety of and understand this document. Agreement between You and 24by7print.com

This Terms and Conditions Agreement (“Agreement”) is a legal agreement between you (the “User”, “You”, “you”, “customer”, “client”) and Mass Printing & Publishing Services LLC, Dubai Branch. 24by7print.com is the trading name Mass Printing & Publishing Services LLC (“Mass Print”, “24by7print”, “24by7print.com”, “We”, “we” or “us”). Mass Printing & Publishing Services LLC Dubai Branch is registered in the UAE under Industrial Licence No: 639791 in Dubai, UAE. By accessing and using the Website, you are indicating your acceptance to be bound by the terms and conditions of this Agreement. If you are agreeing to this Agreement, not as an individual, but on behalf of your company, then “User”, “you”, “customer” or “client” means your company, and you are binding your company to this Agreement. The content we provide Users with on 24by7print.com (the “Website”) defines our tools and services (“Service” or “Services”). If you do not accept all of these terms and conditions, please do not use this Website and exit immediately.

Modification of terms

We reserve the right at any time, at our sole discretion, to change or otherwise modify the Agreement and or the terms and conditions thereof, without prior notice to you. Your continued access or use of this Website signifies your acceptance of the updated or modified Agreement. Be updated with our latest terms by visiting regularly this page.

If you have any suggestions that can help us improve it or any questions about this Agreement, or if you have any comments or concerns regarding any other part of this site or our services or if you have experienced any technical problems while using this Site, please send us an email to info@24by7print.com

1.      User
1.1.      By using our services, the user agrees to our company’s terms and conditions.
1.2.      Infringing or trying to infringe intellectual property of others will be terminated or not allowed to operate from our website. We hold the right to cancel/stop our services to the above said accounts at any time with or without notice.
1.3.      A User may not upload content that is inappropriate, offensive, sexually explicit or violent in any manner. Users caught uploading said material will have their accounts terminated.
1.4.     The User, shall not copy, reprint, store, transfer, quote or alter any published contents of our Service or Site, without our explicit permission. Users found violating copyright law will be held criminally responsible for their acts.

2.     Account
2.1.     You can be a legal user by registering in our website.
2.2.    The user credentials are confidential and you and us holding the responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of them.
2.3.    An user has the right to cancel the account at any point of time and 24by7print.com will not claim any rights on it.
2.4.    24by7print.com has the right to cancel with or without notice, non active user accounts for more than a period of 12 months. Any account credit balance holded by 24by7print.com will be nulled and no calim is entertained after that.
2.5.    If any disputes as mentioned in article 2.4, please write an email to info@24by7print.com

3.     Registered Matters • Procedures
3.1.     Use the right and complete information on user registration to our website. Falsifying or omitting contact information, such as a User’s name, address, and/or telephone number when registering with 24by7print.com, is not permitted. Make sure you are submitting your valid contact number, which is much important for communication on your order or shipping.
3.2.     We will not be held liable or responsible for any delivery delays caused by wrong or incomplete contact and/or delivery information, which has been supplied by the User.
3.3.     After completion of your order in our website, we will handle and process the order under our policies. The user ensures the file uploaded is print ready format. We are not be held responsible or liable for data that is not print ready, or any production or delivery delay because of this.
3.4.    The User will be sent notifications about the Service, product campaigns or other forms of direct mail to the email address registered in the account.

4.     Article 4: User Obligations

4.1.     The user holds the complete responsibility of the data provided to us.
4.2.    The User agrees to indemnify 24by7print.com, its employees, agents and third party vendors, and to defend and hold each of them harmless, from any and all claims and liabilities (including attorney fees),or from any other loss or damage of whatever kind which may arise from the User’s unauthorized use of material obtained from the internet.
4.3.    Any loses to 24by7print.com/Mass Printing, because of the user’s provided data, will be claimed by 24by7print.com/Mass Printing.

5.     Intellectual Property

5.1.     This website is owned and operated by Mass Printing & Publishing Services LLC Dubai Branch. We own the copyright with respect of complete content of the website, including images, content texts, graphics, logos and trade marks.  Additionally, 24by7print.com may contain other proprietary notices and copyright information, the terms of which must be observed and followed.
5.2.    The User shall not use the Service offered by us to infringe the intellectual property rights of others, including any intellectual property rights in images, fonts and other files that may be uploaded by the User to the Site.

6.     Price, Payment Method

6.1.     The prices mentioned in the website are AED (Dirham). Available payment methods are Debit card, Credit card and Cash On Delivery.
6.2.    By placing an order the user agrees to our payment terms of 100% payment in advance. Any balance in payment at the time of delivery will stop the material hand over to the customer.
6.3.    Cash on delivery method is available for limited value products only. And this decision is solely managed by the website owners.
6.4.    Any other form of payment other than the above mentioned should be updated to us. Proper approval of receipt of payment only allow your order to process further.

7.     Article 7: VAT

7.1.     All of your order value is charged by 5% VAT additionally or inclusive of the price shown in your cart. Please check properly the amount mentioned in the website. The user agrees to pay 5% VAT as per the order value.

8.     Product Guarantee

8.1.     We work for the industry standard quality compliance on your order. Any defects or issues related to your product quality can be reported to our notice.  We will be happy to address any issues you may have with your order and sort them out.
8.2.    After reviewing the quality issue, a refund or resupply is only possible if the supplied item does not meet the quality as specified. It is at the sole discretion of 24by7print.com.

9.     Modifying / Cancelling Orders

9.1.     Any modification is not allowed after processing the order. It will chargeable if the customer modifies the order in the middle of the process. The charge will be decided by 24by7print.com according to the stage of production or status of the order.
9.1.1.    Before you received proof for reading: 5% or 30 AED minimum cancellation or modification charge applied.
9.1.2.   After you received proof for reading (No matter you approved it or not) : 10% or AED 50 minimum cancellation or modification charge applied.
9.1.3.   After you approve the Proof for reading (the order under printing status) : 100% non refundable, because of the custom nature of the product.

10.   Return and Reprinting policy

10.1.   If the received product has any defect or any issues in regard with quality, must be notified to us within 3 working days of the receipt of the items. We will review the product defects and proceed with reprint or refund of the order based on the approval.
10.2.  Any approved reprinting will be at no extra cost based on the approval.
10.3.  No change in the printing data is allowed on reprint. We will be using the same file only form our records for reprinting the order.
10.4. Any error or mistake on your source file submitted by you are not entitled for any claim of refund or reprint.

11.    File storage and Responsibility

11.1.     By submitting your file for the printing purpose, we do not own any rights on your data or file. We do not undertake any responsibility on your data, content or image. We do not store your file for long period. We will be removing the file within 7 working days of the order completion date.

12.    Colour Accuracy, Digital Proofs, Liability

12.1.   As per the limitations on this industry, the colour matching is only able to perceive by 90% of the submitted files. A reproduction of the prints from a file has its own challenge to have perfect color matching. This may vary based on material, color profile settings on the file and density issues. 24by7print.com will never accept any responsibility but limited to the industry possibilities. The user by placing an order to 24by7print.com is understands and accepts these limitations. In addition the customer agrees and understands the following factors as well,
12.1.1.  Digital proof and printed files shows variation in colour.
12.1.2. Material may affect the colour appearance.
12.1.3.  Lamination or any other special processes may affect the colour appearance.
12.2.  The customer can submit any colour samples if available to collect from them. A collection charge will be applied on this service.
12.3.  If the customer wants to see a printed sample, there will be a minimal charge on this. Customer has to approve this officially and pay upfront on the sample charge for sample production.

13.   Must accept Limitations

13.1.   File errors from customer side in terms of artwork, colour mode, size, binding margins, bleed, missed fonts, page orientation, paginations or any other auto-understood information based on the uploaded file.
13.2.  Variations on material stock depends our supplier and the produced batch. This is acceptable all over this industry and hence the customer must understood and agree this variations on the material.

14.   Incomplete orders / Deliveries.

14.1.   The customer has to receive the order at the time of our delivery. Any postponing of deliveries should be notified prior to the absence of the receiver. This is also allowed for a limited period.
14.2.  In the event any miscommunication or non attended delivery calls, the customer will pay for a reschedule of the delivery again, should be applied within 14 days of the first delivery date.
14.3.  Any unclaimed orders, for any reason (non collected from our branch / non responsive / out of country / out of office / wrong delivery details / busy etc..,) should be claimed within 14 days of the first delivery date. Any further prolonging of the delivery should be notified to us. And we cannot keep the unclaimed orders without any notice not more than 14 working days from the first delivery date. Any unclaimed order more than this period will be trashed under our policies.

15.   Force Majeure

15.1.   24by7print.com shall not be held liable for experiencing any unexpected delays in performance as a result of strikes, lockouts, riots, floods, severe weather, earthquakes, fires, casualty, acts of God, acts of public enemy, epidemic, quarantine restrictions, freight embargo, lack of transportation, government restrictions of priority, litigation, insurrection, war, inability to procure required materials and other acts of failures beyond our control. During the continuance of any such event the customer may by written notice to 24by7print.com elect to terminate the contract and pay for work done and materials used, but subject thereto shall otherwise accept delivery when available.

16.   Indemnity, Governing Laws

16.1.   You shall indemnify and hold 24by7print.com, its affiliates and each entity’s directors, managers, employees harmless in respect of any claim, loss, liability, damage or expense (including reasonable legal fees and expenses) arising out of or in connection with:
16.2.  any claim that the Content infringes the intellectual property rights of a third party;
16.3.  any break of warranty, representation or obligation in or arising out of these Terms and Conditions;
16.4.  These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the United Arab Emirates and the parties agree that any legal actions, proceedings or disputes related to the use of the Website and this Agreement shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

17.   Termination

17.1.   24by7print.com reserves the right to pause / stop / terminate the agreement between the customer and us. It reserves the right to take any legal action and claim the damage or loses because of the breach of this agreement including the legal fees.